Light Novel-The Asterisk War (Asterisk Vol 1)

The Asterisk War Vol 1, Encounter with a Fiery Princess, By Yuu Miyazaki, Illustrations by Okiura


So this is a very unusual book for me to review, for those who think its a manga your only half right, its a light novel, a mix between a traditional literature book nd a manga, so illustrations every few pages or so, somewhat like the Zodiac Legacy. This book was a gift from a dear friend and so I decided to post upon this lovely book and everything it has to offer, anime clichés included.

So lets not waste any time

(Sector 1, Synopsis

This Princess is on Fire….

The school city of Rikka, also known as Asterisk. Here, boys and girls gifted with magical abilities all compete in the Festa, fighting for glory on the greatest combat entertainment stage of the world. At express invitation of the student council president, Ayato Amagiri, has just arrived at the Seidoukan Academy, one of the six great schools that make up the city. He’s searching for his missing sister, but what he finds is trouble. The politics of Asterisk are complex and deadly, and when he makes a friend in fiery princess Julis Alexia-von Riessfeld, he soon discovers that she’s got enemies…


(Sector 2, story time

So lets start with the characters, our duel leads, Ayato Amagiri and Julis (pronounced Yulis) Alexia-von Riessfeld, so very quickly, a “fiery” confrontation starts off this story, the age old anime cliché where a boy accidently sees a girl changing and she wants to kill him (literally by the way). This is how they become friends, I kid you not, and while Ayato is a quiet guy, Julis is very outspoken and cold towards everyone she meets.

So anyways, moving right along, I liked Ayato as he was a laid back sort of guy, not really trying to find trouble. He’s certainly is not boastful as a certain character that was also from a light novel series that I won’t mention. He has only one simple goal between both versions of the story, and that’s to find his older sister, who went missing five years ago. Julis is also at Seidoukan for her own reasons, which I find much more empathetic. But I digress, These two have surprisingly good chemistry that makes them both likeable in their own ways.

but enough of the main leads, lets focus on some support, like student council president Claudia Enfield. this lady, president of Seidoukan since she was fifteen years, really has a strong sense of leadership and a bit of a pervy side for Ayato, go figure.

Saya Sasamiya is another one of the main support introduced in this book, she’s a “underdeveloped” young girl, no older than sixteen or so, who has a sassy mouth and a huge obsessions with gun Luxs thanks to her crazy Inventor father. Saya is one of those girls that you would love to have around, even though she’s always caught sleeping in class. again go figure.

The last characters I can talk about are Lester, and Yabuki, both fellow students at Seidoukan, Lester is somewhat of an annoyance to Julis as he tries to duel her on a constant level, he challenged her three times and lose the same amount. Now he wants to prove to her that he’s stronger, but Julis refuses. (Lester is a plot device for this volume)

Yabuki, he’s Ayato roommate at Seidoukan, always trying to get Julis to talk to him, but she’s refusing on a royal level. He is the head writer at the school paper and is always looking for the biggest scoops, which, again, brings him to Julis. He’s bright, amusing and kind of the class clown. may be conspiring with Claudia Enfield


Ok the plot of this book.

The pacing was excellent, and that surprised me, as I wasn’t sure if a light novel could really have goo pacing. This sort of book would be for the young adult crowed (and we all know how I feel about that( P.S. YA is Shite!) in japan. This book was very well received in Japan and even in the U.S. as  the anime exploded with popularity. As this book is only about  168 pages in total, we have a short one indeed, but none the less an enjoyable story. Alright so I’ll admit the opening is cliché in itself, as again, l it starts with Ayato climbing into Julis’s bedroom window to return something to her that few out her window, (I’ll let you figure that out). This book is only a scratch of the bigger picture that this story has to tell and as only two of the twelve light novels are available in English at the moment I’ll be waiting a bit and the anime has no new episodes at the moment either. However what I did enjoy as well was the writing, Miyazaki stated that this story took him a few years to develop before he was even near ready to publish, and clearly his hard work shows. Not to mention Okiura’s beautiful illustrations and art style of Miyazaki’s characters is nothing short than amazing.

But as there is good stuff there’s also some bad here too, the villain of this book, this is the type of story where the antagonist will shift CONSTANTLY! I’m not sure who is supposed to be the main antagonist, there are too many villains between the two books and the remain ten still being localized. I won’t say who the villain is in this book, but he was kind of stupid and his reasons were kind of stupid. STUPID! I will say this too, Julis is a bitch in this book, very cold!

For me, these issues are minor, but this book is far from perfect, there are still many things that could do with improvement, like Julis’s attitude and Saya’s lack of interesting Dialogue.


But I digress, overall this book was a fast, fun read and I’ve become a fan of both the author and anime I’ll be posting more Asterisk War related books up at some point in the future. But lets address something first, this Light Novel story is the ONLY anime related thing I want to post, if I want to do an anime blog, I’ll make one, but as I’m more into western cartoons, I won’t be doing that.

Another elephant in the room is SAO being compared to AW, as the anime is made by the same production studio. let me be clear.



And that brings this review to a close, I do apologize for the brining up the anime too much but this was also a bit of a comparison review as well. I haven’t found a anime as interesting as this one in a LONG time and don’t worry I’m not one of those diehard fans or anything everyone is entitled to their opinions and that is fair.

So thank you for sticking to the end, I apologize if is sound confusing in this review but I appreciate the view and I’ll see you for the next one (P.S. its not an anime book CX)

See Ya.

Burst into Bloom-Primrose!


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