The Strain Trilogy: The Strain (Strain #1)

The Strain (Strain #1) Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

Ok So before I get started I watched the TV show first. After reading the book I got a completely different story with mostly the same cast of characters. It’s still good just different. So with that out of the way I’m here just to give my own thoughts on the book and how I felt about the changes.

Warning spoilers ahead for both the book and the TV show. And inappropriate language.

So first I like how the basic synopsis was the same as the book was but here we’re just some of the things I really enjoyed from the TV show.


Palmer arc

Fet arc

Setrakian arc


And of course , Strigoi

The book focused on keeping the truth of the Strigoi a secret, as the show as It developed was unconvinced in the fire two seasons. One thing I notice early on was the absence of Thomas Eichorst, I thought he was only in the show but he first appears in The Fall. Setrakian’s history in the concentration camp was told in the first book, which if you watch the show was mostly told in the second season of the show. Another thing that also surprise me was how small Eldrich Palmer’s role was in the book. I was sad because I really liked Palmer’s development….RIP the master (what?)

Ephraim Goodweather’s development is almost identical to the TV ver. But in my own discovery he was much quicker in accepting Setrakian’s explanation about the Strigoi, as was Nora. Kelly was also identical to her TV show counterpart, which made it easier to settle in the book.

I’m not talking about Zach cunt weather (oops excuse my bad language) if y’all seen season 3, you’ll know why. Effing Strigoi lover! I hate you for killing my mom who was already dead so I’ll just set off this nuke to get even with you dad! God I’m a fucking cunt!

Vasility Fet  (spelt Vastliy Fet in the TV show) is one of the bed characters and had a huge heart for Setrakian. It was nice to know Fet was the same and view of Setrakian remained the same. He also retained his good looks and skill that’s seen in the show.

Nora….she doesn’t die in the book. It surprised me how the show runners killed such a wonderful character like her. In the book she retains what made her great and in also enjoyed just all around well she was.

For the plot I’d say it was mostly the TV show that has real good pacing, the book tells an almost completely different tale, there are some scenes that never existed in the book and vise versa. Als0 I felt that only about 20% of the book has any relevance to the TV show, as the books plot was different. I’m not against it or anything, in fact if they tried to use the books plot, I don’t think it would have had the same success.


Ah yes not much else to say, I’ll give you some advice, if you like the TV show, then you might like the book, but don’t expect it to be any better or worse than the show, as both go hand in hand.


Until the next book

Duck Tales woo hoo!


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