The Mortal Instruments Hexology (Wrap-Up)


Alright so this is where I wrap up my review of a set of books that are complete. I am supposed to encourage the trying of at least the first book, but honestly, id advise everyone to stay away from these books in general. however I will say that the first three are easy to get get into as the plot was light-fluff and simple to get, So I recommend that you do not read past City of Glass. Its so much easier this way and I regret continuing onward.

However if you did enjoy the books, I’m happy for you, just because I didn’t enjoy this (in fact I pretty much want to burn these books with my mind if given the choice) however aside from that, If you enjoyed these, that’s great! I want to encourage all reading in general, even if its for authors that I personally find disgusting.

So I I’ll leave you with some info for the books if you havn’t looked it up already through the author’s website and with that I wish you a happy day/night, where ever you readers may be, you are awesome and so are books.

See you later, MI-SA-KIII!


Author’s website


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