Teens Book-The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6)

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6)

The Mortal Instruments

City of Heavenly Fire


Warning, massive spoilers if you have failed to read the other five books, please excuse yourself and read them (though I recommend that you don’t this is only a disclosure)

Alight so we have come to the end of this Hexology, this is the second time I’ve completed this story and honestly, my feelings remained unchanged, Clare still can’t hold a decent story, this is my own thoughts as I know that Clare fans will kill to defend their queen, but on a serious note, this book is not the worst out there. This book, I felt was a sobby advertisement book for Clare’s next trilogy, The Dark Artifices, so without any further interruptions. Let us begin.


Sector (1

Bring the end

So in this final installment, Clary, Jace and co. must band together to stop the greatest threat that the ShadowHunters have ever face, Clary’s brother. Now that being said, each one of the main characters that have been here since the beginning now all have choices to make. The entire existence of the ShadowHunters is on the line as Johnathan now has amassed over a hundred Endarkend ShadowHunters. This now leads everyone to hide away in the Nephilim home of Idris, where they believe it’s safe. However when a betrayal is revealed, Clary and Co. decide it’s time to take the matter into their own hands. Even if that means going to a place where no one has ever set foot in, or returned from.


So now the fate of the world hangs in the balance in this final installment of the poorly written story: The Mortal Instruments.


Sector (2

Final showdown


Ah yes, well, shall we begin with our lovely couple Jace and Clary? Good, so here’s how I saw them in this book. One word. Condom. No really, that’s how I describe them in this book, condom. Jace and Clary have sex in the worst possible place at the worst possible time. I honestly felt that the world would have been better off with one of them dead. No really I mean that, if Jace or Clary had died in this book, that would have made all the other trashy books worth it, because it would have shown that Clare would be able to sacrifice a main character for the sake of the story. Jace has the heavenly fire that Clary gave him and because of that, he can’t really be getting mad as the fire would burn him alive.

I still couldn’t get behind this; Jace is my least favorite male character that I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. Not because of anything that he did, I just don’t like his personality; there’s nothing interesting or anything beyond 1-Dimenstional plane of character. However after six books, I can honestly say I do respect his moral compass, that’s the only thing that I could find redeemable, his sense or right over wrong. Clary on the other had remains my most disgusted female character, next to Anastasia Steele, Annabeth Chase, Celaena Sardothien, and Kelsey Hayes. Clary did not change at all, there was nothing that really made stand out, and in ten years’ time I won’t even remember her anymore because of how forgettable she is. So over all these two are 1 ½ Dimensional characters together, this is not the worst couple that I’ve ever read but still I’m so through with these two.


Oh god, Magnus and Alec drama continues, after a series of long voices mails from various allies of the ShadowHunters, Magnus decides to try and forgive Alec (even though Magnus need to be on HIS hands and Knees begging for forgiveness). Before leaving, Alec talks to Magnus, while they don’t get back together (yet, obviously) it’s already implied that they miss each other. When Alec leaves, it takes a fellow Downworlder named Cortana to convince him to return to help his ShadowHunter friends and get Alec back. So he does, only to get kidnapped along with Jocelynn, Luke, and a guy named Raphael by the fairies. This is where we see a side of him where he’s the most weakened; this makes him realize that he needed Alec.

I really didn’t hope too much though as Magnus is very pushy and arrogant, acting like the planet revolves around him. Honestly, Magnus Bane is not the worst character I’ve read, I just find his attitude vile and his arrogance so cold that even when they did get back together, I felt that Magnus could have much better alone and Alec would be much happier with someone else. As for Alec, he was such a victim in this book, crying about how he can’t move on, seriously I didn’t really think it could get any worse, but it did. I really think that Clare needs to give Alec something better rather than just being with Magnus, if this book never existed and City of Glass was the true ending, this would have never been a problem. However that’s no longer the case, I would say, screw Magnus, Alec just live alone for a few years, or with your family then consider giving love another chance, because with Magnus, all there’s ever going to be is a salty  taste of dried failure, and broken dreams.


Isabelle and Simon, these two are among the not as reviled as the other four, but still nothing good to come for either one of them. Alright so these two are the closest to actually being killed off by Clare. Simon appears with the others in the beginning of the book, still trying to find out if he and Isabelle were an item or not, with her being indecisive. Well for Simon, he’s probably one of the more fleshed out characters in the book, he still has his own problems….I just could not stand that when he sacrificed himself to lose his memories so the other characters could go free. Then Isabelle and Magnus destroy his only chance to be a normal guy again.

Like what the flip, what was wrong with leaving him the way he was? Isabelle on the other hand is still the biggest bitch in this book; she never could be friends with Clary and what’s worse is that she truly thought Clary was a threat, even now, when the rest of us want them to be friends, they still don’t talk to each other much. Why? It’s important for female friendship. Example, Hinoka and Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates, they learn how to be friends despite their kingdoms different values and beliefs. Why couldn’t have Clary and Isabelle do that? Simon I can tolerate but Isabelle can go to hell.


Let’s see, we have our main villain John, who now has the evil Infernal cup and has already made his army of Endarkend, I actually thought he could be a good villain once….until he tried to rape Clary. I may despise her, but NO ONE deserves to be raped. Now all I see him as is an incest horn-dog who, again, probably slept with Jace, just to see what it was like. Anyways, I’ll keep this one short as I have more on other things to say. So John and the Seelie Queen are in cahoot(ers) as he uses the fairies to help him on his incest quest to kill the Nephilim with Clary and Jace by his side. Needless to say his death was less than epic as Clary plays along with him until she stabs him with the blade that now has the substance to kill him.

John died in Jocelyn’s arms and I think, why she didn’t die for not defending her son from Valentine. Well I guess we’ll never know.


Emma Carstairs & The Blackthons are given a huge part in this book, like almost 50% of the book. So my question is why? Well Clare wanted to give these characters a cameo appearance in the final book, to promote the Dark Artifices. It didn’t work out too well as quality of the story was sacrificed for advertisement. Look Emma seemed like a cool girl when first introduced, but I honestly thought it would be one of those cameos where they appear for their parts, then vanish until the end. Nope, not in Claretopia. We get to see them in pointless scenes that waste time. Unlike most people though, I didn’t skim this book, I read from beginning to end in two days’ time. To be honest, I didn’t have any interest in the Blackthorns, I thought they were jerks when Will mentioned back in Clockwork Prince and Princess. So these characters were wasted on me because after reading every Clare book up to 2014, I was done, I read the Infernal Devices, The Bane chronicles, and now this, so it’s pretty obvious that I won’t be reading anything else by Clare from 2016 onward.


Ah the extra characters, you know I hated how Maia was treated in this book, she was the other plot point in the book. I always said that City of Heavenly Fire had three plots: The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices, and the Maia Plot. After rereading this again I just felt bad for her as she is the only major character of race that was very under represented. I felt some heart break at that, in my life some of the best women I got to know where African-American so really this hurts. I’m glad Jordan died, the flip-boy, he deserved it. Of course he didn’t really matter to begin with, we all know that. Of course none of the other characters really mattered as the whole book took place in Alicante and Edom anyways, the minor characters that Clare introduced were only seen in the first three to four chapters before being cut out until the end. The only other characters that I liked in this book ere Tessa and Jem, they were only mentioned until Jace freed Jem from his Silent Brother Oath via Heavenly Fire. Then at the end, Tessa and Clary finally meet and I finally understood something. In a way, Clary was just talking to a different version of herself. But I digress, now it’s time for the plot.



Well, the plot. I’ll divide it by the three plots I stated before, first the Maia Plot:


Alright, so Maia and Jordan were put in charge of keeping Simon safe from Maureen and her vampire clan. They were also in charge of Luke’s wolf pack while he attended a meeting in Alicante, and of course, Jorden dies after John attacked the Praetor Lupus to send a message to Downworlders. Oh my swirls this was bad, So with Simon gone and Jordan dead, Maia was left in charge of the pack and trying defend the Downworlders from John. Maia was basically left in charge to take care of others, not even a single moment to grieve Jordan at all, as she’s given the short end of the stick by everybody. This plot is split in-between the other two plots so its biggest significance are at the beginning and end of the book. This one is the shortest of the three.


Next the Dark Artifices Plot


The Prologue had Emma, Julian and co. fighting John as he attacks the Los Angeles Institute, and in the process, not only does Julian lose his father, he also loses his brother Mark to the fairies. Emma also loses her parents by a demon near the LA Institute, which causes them to flee as quickly as they could to Alicante, to the Blackthorn’s oldest sister Helen. Now this is where anything interesting ends. After realizing that her parents were dead and gone, Emma was in tears and we get to the big meeting where the Mortal Instruments cast get their first exposure to the Dark Artifices cast. Julian is to hold upon the Mortal Sword and explain what happened. He does which causes Emma to freak and flee the room.

Clary goes to find her and they talk to each other, Clary trying to comfort the girl that would succeed her as the next Mary Sue.  After the meeting with Clary and Jace, Emma and her crew pretty much sulk around for about five-hundred pages until the end where they are sent back to LA after John’s demise. One thing that really does intrigue me is how most fans failed to absorb how the book before us just seems to suck the life out of brain cells. This plot took up most of the book along with the final plot.


The Mortal Instruments Plot


So now we FINALLY get to the current set of characters, so I’ll try to keep this short as writing about three plots while holding the book in one hand and typing with one finger is starting to get exhausting. Alright so Clary and co. flee New York before John has a chance to attack them. Clary, who now still has nightmares about her time in that apartment, now has to keep her distance from Jace lest she burn to death. So most of this plot took place in Alicante and the demon realm Edom. Well this plot was probably the most fleshed out of the three, it had some consistency with the previous books in the Hexology, and the pacing was ok. Still the pacing could have been much better if the other two plots were either removed or minimized. Well honestly there was one thing that made me stop and shiver. When Jace and Clary were alone in Edom, they had separated in a cave to recover after seeing so terrible things in Edom and fighting some nasty monsters. Well this cave seems perfect enough to blow my thick load inside my girlfriend (condom included).

You must forgive me that was pretty bad language; I shall wash my mouth with soap after this review. My swirls I had to put the book down, what a way to commit book suicide than to write a scene where you shoot your semen inside a girl IN A FLIPPING DEMON REALM WHERE YOU COULD DIE/ BE RAPED AT ANY MOMENT! Oh my swirls I’m getting a headache just from reading this.


I can’t go on, I must stop it here because I will die if I keep going, this where I end my final review of the Mortal Instruments Hexology. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks having sex in a demon realm is a stupid idea. Ok fine you can write a two characters having sex, that’s fine but really that’s where I draw the line.


Anyways thank you so much for reading this, please let me know if you liked or disliked this review, all critiques are welcomed as I want to better myself as a reviewer. Of course this one is not too professional but I’ll get there. So anyways, have a good day/night and I hope to see you around for my next review, see ya!


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