Teens book-The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5)

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5)

The Mortal Instruments

City of Lost Souls

Warning, spoiler/not-so-pleasant language ahead, please avoid if you’re a Clare fan


Ah yes, well to be honest, I have a…special hatred for City of Lost Souls, this book hit way too close to home for my liking and I personally find nothing redeemable about this book. Clare really took it too far with this installment of the Mortal Instruments Hexology. I also found the trend of “covering a bad book with a pretty cover” thing works because I read this thing. So today I’m going to try and keep my personal feelings out of this review and I’m glad I have a lot of notes. So without further ado, let us begin.


Sector (1

Ok, I can do this.

So picking up right after the events of City of Fallen Angels, Clary now has to find a way to save her newly acquired boyfriend, who has become bound to her brother, Johnathan (or Sebastian, but I’m calling him Johnathan, because I loathe the name Sebastian). So Clary, along with Simon and co. are putting all their effort to finding Jace, the problem is that the Clave has both given up, and want to use Jace to try and get Johnathan. Our heroine won’t stand for this, so she decides that her love for Jace overrules the love her mother has for her and goes along with Jace and Johnathan, as they both now have lost their souls (eh, eh? I pulled a Barbra Pun-klman) to their bond forged by Lilith.

Will Clary destroy everything just for her true love, or will her own brother get the thing he desires most, both her and Jace as his lov—-!


Sector (2

No, I can’t do this.

As I mentioned before, I have a very special hate for this book, and honestly its not that hard to see why. Clare officially ran out of ideas when she used that terrible plot line in the last book to continue this already concluded story. However I’m skipping too far, lets start with the characters.

Jace and our main villain, Johnathan. This was….ok, I guess, there was a vibe I got that Jace and John had sex when Clary first reunites with Jace at Valentines secret apartment. So we also learn that Jace is now able to see into John’s mind, and vice versa this creates a tension between the two that enviably blows up on them. Of course not before the endless jokes of infidelity, rape and what not (we’ll get there). Seriously I really just felt a potential gay relationship between them, its implied at least twice from what I’ve seen.  That’s just what I got from these two.

Clary, yes our heroine of the hour and the center of the entire universe. Well not so much in this book, in fact unlike the other books (including City of Heavenly Fire) I really felt bad for her. I actually mean that, I felt bad for Clary this time around as she was stuck with two guys that were emotionally bad for her for most of the book, and of course we get her “powers are unlike any other” thing where she’s able to keep the fort down while trying to figure things out. Clary and Simon stole a pair of rings from the Seelie Queen (remember her, I didn’t) which allow the users to communicate with each other via telepathy. That’s a smart more, hating myself for admitting it, but smart. If only she had kept in touch rather than trying to have sex with Jace every other page. I would say that the last hundred pages is where she really got me angry and I was just hoping that she would die already. Nope it doesn’t work that way. Clary barely passes for a 1-Dimentional character in this book, that’s all on her.

Ah Malec, well thanks to Magnus’s ignorance, Alec’s stupidity and Camille’s intervention, we now have one broken up couple. So let me get this straight, Magnus throws a bitch fit over Alec trying to take his immortality. Understandable. What’s not is how Magnus kept treating Alec like a little kid rather than his lover in this book. All Alec wanted was to get to know Magnus better, nut sadly that was never going to happen. Not in Claretopia. So Magnus now breaks up with Alec, leaving him to fall into the self-pity hole of shame. Well this couple was just, wrong now, just wrong. Alright, back when it was just a trilogy, Alec and Magnus had some special chemistry, sure it was poorly written, but still it was there. Here, it was just so forced that I was somewhat relived that they did break up. Still it’s on them to at least fix it. There is one thing that does bother me to this day. Magnus is so full of himself that he thought the shadowhunters treated him more like a pet than an ally. Ironic right?

Ok, so now Isabelle and Simon. I was glad that the book focused away from Simon, because his life only got worse and the last installment. However, his relationship with Isabelle seems to have taken off, I noticed that after City of Glass that he started developing feelings for Isabelle as Clary was now taken. Well here, in this book Clare seems to have given these two the real fun jobs of the book, I didn’t skim through their scenes together as I somewhat enjoyed their time together. Nothing else to say about these two.

Ah so the extra cast of characters. Well I didn’t like that Maya got back together with her boyfriend Jordan, or anything to do with Maureen (she’s still questionable) and gee, I wonder who Brother Zachariah could be. Jocelyn and Luke plot devices for this book and let’s not even get started on the Iron Sister. Out of all the extras in this book I found the Iron Sister very interesting, but still I really didn’t care too much after Clary entered the picture.


Ok now its time for the plot

It only gets worse from here; some random merchant from Bravely Default.


Alright so the plot….I just had nothing but hate for it. Alright it didn’t start out like that, in the beginning, we find Clary and Simon, still trying to find Jace, while Maryse has insisted that everyone at the NY Institute cease the search. That pisses off Clary and she won’t stand for it. So what does she do? She takes the actions of a clueless slut and decides to go after Jace and John. Guess where that leads her. It turns out that Valentine used whatever power he had and made a magical bachelor pad for him, Jocelyn, Clary and John. It made me sick as to how obsessed Valentine was with her, I could barely get past that. But I did rather quickly. So Jace and Clary reunite after a failed attempt of kidnapping her, and the reason she goes is to see her beloved once more, oh and to find out what John is up to this time around. Yeah at this point my brain cells were at 50% and I wasn’t even at page 150 yet. However the insanity continues and Jace and Clary follow John to some rather shady places to gather materials from various downworlders ans demons until of course the shadowhunters intervene.

Now Clary had used the Seelie Queen’s ring to keep in touch with Simon as she discovered more information about her brothers plans, as the rest of our heroes were trying to use the power of Simon’s special mark to call upon an angel to gather a piece of information that would lead them to severing the bond between Jace and John without killing either one (or at least Jace). Well as the plot progresses we gather the intel that John is trying to build a cup, not just any cup, but a replica of the Mortal Cup. The Infernal Cup if you will, which allows him to destroy any Shadowhunter and remake them as his slave. Clary find out about what he really plans to do, and tries to stop him….only to find that his has feelings for her. The feelings that make something rock hard.


I stopped there. I put the book down and I screamed into my pillow, so not only was Clare writing about Clary almost getting raped, but by her own brother. You know the cover is really nice, so why couldn’t the book have been too? I stopped reading and took a break. For five days. Seriously, you don’t flipping joke about rape like this, and Clare’s reasoning is that she “wanted to show that he was nonredeemable in every way” get out of here with that trash, seriously that really hurt. I can understand if that sort of thing helps your character grow strong….but it was added in so poorly and executed so badly that I wanted to upchuck on this copy (but it was a loaner). After this the rest of the story was pretty much meant nothing to me, but I continued regardless.


So after….that John brings as many Shadowhunters together as he can, with Clary’s friends not too far behind, he starts attacking random Nephilim and forcing them to drink from the Infernal Cup, transforming them into the Endarkened. In the heat of the battle everyone is fighting with all their might, and then Clary uses her so called brains and stabs Jace with the angel blade, cutting the bond with John. However it’s believed that Jace was killed because of that, and with John’s Shadowhuter army all but dead, he flees, leaving Clary and co. to deal with the fall out of the massive battle that had just taken place. Would it surprise anyone to know that Jace is alive and ok? No. because I wasn’t the least bit surprised at all about that. Its awhile before Clary can see him, but when she finally gets to she learns that because of her actions, her boyfriend now held the heavenly fire, a sacred power that can kill all evil. So before the book ends, Maryse and Brother Zachariah find a note in the New York institute with only one word on it, and a feather from an angel. Its translated into I am coming.


Well that end yet another Claretopia review, as always I thank you if you made it to the end of my review. I do apologize of I sound out of place, I had a bit of something to drink before editing the final draft of this but I wrote that sober. So anyway, please be honest if you liked or disliked this review, did you agree with my points or do you think I was way off. Either way I hope you enjoyed this and I hope to influence to not try these books. Or do try them its of your choice.


Anyways, have a great day/night and I hope to see you for my final review of theis Hexology.


Amanda Please!


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