Teens book-The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4)

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City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4)

The Mortal Instruments

City of Fallen Angels

Spoilers here, be warned

 Ah yes…well I don’t have too much to say about this one other than I had almost no memory of this book. I really forgot about it, so I went looking around through thrift stores since I don’t have very many notes on this book. I finally found a copy at goodwill for a dollar, so I picked it up and reread it. Just as I remembered it, I also realized that this was one of the most boring book I ever read. But other than that it’s not my most despised book, that honor belongs to another book.

So with the intro done, lets begin.


Sector (1

Here we go

So after the end of the twenty-eight minute war, Clary and co. return home, she successfully united shadowhunters and downworlders, helped with the unification of the new council and now can properly call Jace her boyfriend. However peace comes at a price, when a series of shadowhunter murders take place in the homefront. So Clary and co. decide that its time to pick up their weapons again and jump into the action. That “totally” works out in their favor as the ancient demon Lillith appears and begins to make trouble for everyone. She also brings the past of the somewhat better trilogy back and that creates a whole new enemy.

So what’s going to happen now that the peace has shattered, crushed by the weight of the bad writing? Well there is only one way to find out as the next installment of the mortal instruments beings.


Sector (2

Zzz0 ….what is it over?

Ah yes the fourth installment in this story. As everyone originally though, City of Glass was the end right? Wrong! We continue to get more as most people shake their heads in disappointment. So as always, let me start with the characters. After three long books, Clary and Jace finally get to be boyfriend-girlfriend at long last. Oh boy do they like to prove it, a lot of the book was teen romantic anguish galore. At the beginning we see that Jace is training Clary to be a shadowhunter. Clary’s mother was, at first, against this but with Maryse running the New York Institute, she saw no problem with it as long as she did not want to live there. So they train and when the plot happens, that’s when the anguish starts shining.

Jace feels like he can’t touch Clary or even look at her sometimes. Clary wants to know why but he can’t tell her. In real life there’s this thing we like to call therapy. Try it! However, she learns later on that there’s a real reason that he does not want her. A bad one.

So Simon’s next, this book is centered on Simon (because Clare has a writer friend who’s questionably obsessed with him) and how he’s the one who can change the fate of the whole world. He tries to get over Clary, by hanging out with Isabelle, and as much as I hate to admit it, they actually work well together. Simon has the thing that Isabelle needs in her life, while Isabelle has what Simon needs to finally get over Clary. Don’t get me wrong Simon does drive this plot, however I think that he really was put into a position that was really bad. In fact it’s probably the only other reason this book even exists. Simon indirectly kills a young girl named Maureen and she comes back as a vampire. Just like him. I also find that questionable. Simon is only a plot device for the rest of the book. As much as I can’t stand this cast, at least give the only other non-shadowhunter main lead a break.

Alec and Magnus. Yup they are together after City of Glass and while in my original reading I thought Clare could write gay characters well, this book proves me wrong. So Alec, instead of enjoying the time he has with Magnus, decides that he want to know everything about Magnus, however Magnus keeps denying him. Well honestly these two were doomed with side character Camille entered the picture. She gets it in Alec’s head that there’s a way to make Magnus mortal so they could live and die together. Isabelle and the others kept telling him that he was lucky to just have him. Magnus on the other hand was not being truly honest and at least trying to understand him. Note, Magnus never dated a shadowhunter of either gender, so he also has a hard time with trying to connect with him. Still irony from City of Glass right?

Well moving on to some other characters, we meet Kyle, as we are being led by Simon for most of the book, he becomes Simon’s friend pretty fast. That didn’t last as everyone finds out that it was Kyle (full named Jordan Kyle) had bitten Maya and made her into a werewolf. Clare’s approach on abuse with these two was not very well done, and sadly, it hits close to home for me. Clary’s mother, who was pretty much absent for the first half of the Hexology, now appears everywhere! Along with Luke, leader of the wolf Pack Maya’s in, I saw that most of the side characters were used a lot more than before, and that in turn made me almost fall asleep and drool on the book.

So over all the characters were….dull as a five-hundred year old blade from the ancient kingdom of Nohr.


To the Plot


Ah the plot, yes, the thing required to keep a story interesting. Well here, we are diven mostly by Simon, switching between him, Clary, Jace, Magnus, Alec, and Isabelle. Even with the hype, this plot was so boring, I could barely stay awake after part two of the book started. So I really was hoping for something good, as Clare decided to revive the story from the dead and….these supposed murders that were happening to shadowhunters? It was caused by the infernal demon Lilith (praise Lilith, praise her (True Blood reference). We learn that Lilith needs Simon to bring Clary’s brother, Johnathan (or Sebastian) back from the dead. I shook my head at that when I found out. Really, REALLY? That’s the best you can do, the supposed “Queen of Fantasy” who can do no wrong writes this as a plot? No! this was a bad, bad plot, here’s when my boredom turned into rage. Most of the plot was driven by what I call, trashy teen bitching, if its not Clary bitching its Simon, if not him, Jace, Alec and so on. First world problems much? What about the world around you, and how your choices affect those around you? Ironic that I of all people struggled to learn that, but when these characters do it, nothing happens to them.

I digress, so Lilith was trying to drive a wedge between Clary and Jace, and with Simon being nothing but a pawn in her game it was easy to accomplish. The adult shadowhunters that spent many years training, were ultimately ignored as the children shadowhunters apparently knew better. I really was lost for most of the book, with so many side character stories, with Maureen, Kyle and Maya, and our main leads it was just so hard to find anything to like in this story….at all. So when Lilith completes her objective, Simon is supposed to die, but instead Jace intervenes and is now bound to the freshly revived Johnathan. By the time any of the others get there, Lilith has died, returning to hell, and Jace was now forced away from Clary by her own brother….oh god.


It only gets worse from here.


Ah yes, I have finished yet another review, this was a hard one as I had to reread the book from the start. I really forgot everything that happened in this book. So I went ahead and rewrote my notes as well. I remember I had retitled this book at the end of my notes; I called his book City of Fallen Ignorance. I thought at the time that Clare was so ignorant to even write the first draft of a story that I felt was well concluded. But because of the Infernal Devices, I assume that inspired her to write more.


Though I must apologize if I sound really harsh, I just really felt honesty to write it like this, I thank you for reading this, I hope you have a good night/day and I hope you stick around to read more.


Until we meet once again!


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