Teens book-The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3)

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3)

The Mortal Instruments

City of Glass

Major spoilers here, tread carefully


Ah yes, the supposed “Final book” in the Mortal Instruments Trilogy, City of Glass. Now before I get started I must say I read this three years ago, and it really dosen’t make me feel any less angry than it did before. I still don’t like this book; however, it seems to be my favorite of all of them. Just as a heads up as well, I will be expressing real honesty and that might bring up some spoilers if anyone has yet to read these books. just a warning.


So without further a due lets get this started.


Sector (1

What could have been the finale.


Clary Frey discovers that the only way to save her mother from Valentine is to travel to the center of the shadow hunter disease, the home of all Nephilim, the “great” country of Idris. There she finds new allies, as well as enduring the “tragic” effects of the first book with Jace. STILL! Now Valentine has much more up his sleeve than last time, this time it’s literally war. And Clary is the only one to stop it. The answers to her questions will soon be realized in this so-called daring and exciting conclusion to the original Mortal Instruments.


This one was actually easier to summarize, synopsis wise than I thought.


Sector (2

OH why couldn’t this be the last one!


Well…this book wasn’t the worst of the Mortal Instruments, I did find a point of the story when I enjoyed it for a bit…that only lasted for so long. So Clary. No let’s start with Jace and the Lightwood family. So Jace really annoyed me to a point where I had to take a break from the book for a while. He made choices that just made me so angry at him. He ended up making Clary’s choices for her that alone would get any intelligent girl angry. While Clary’s choices were no better, she really didn’t think about what she was doing, all she wanted to do was fix the situation that she, Jace and co. became a part of. Now don’t get me wrong, Clary is not the worst character in this book that honor goes to her supposed new ally Sebastian. This guy was the worst character in this book, I could not stand him, and you’ll know why if you already read this book.

We are going to get into a spoiler filled point if you wish to skip to the next paragraph please feel free, if not I shall continue from here. Alrighty, so we find out that Sebastian is actually Clary’s real brother, (I told you I knew, even when I read this for the first time) Johnathan Christopher Morgenstern. The second worse thing he did was kill the Lightwoods youngest child Max. Well here’s where a lot of you might give me flank for this. I don’t know Max, I mean sure he was introduced in the last book but with so much focus on Clary, Jace and Simon, Clare barely left any screen time for Max at all. So Max’s death was pointless, in fact you could write Max out of the story entirely and it would make no difference.

I hate saying that but Sebastian killing Max would be like Luke Skywalker shredding a cleaning droid that was supposed to have a huge impact, however did nothing for the story. The characters may have known Max but Clare didn’t give me a chance to know Max so I skipped his funeral (the only part of the book I skimmed). Of course we drag on the silly romance between Malec, I must say if the Mortal Instruments had ended here, I would have been happy for them. Really I would have.

However this is Cassandra Clare we are talking about lets create conflict where none is needed, (but I’m getting ahead of myself). Alright I can say that when Alec kissed Magnus in front of everyone before the big war began was alright; Mayas reaction was pretty funny, even Simon gave me a good laugh. I still found some humor in this installment, unlike the first two books, City of Glass did have something of a balance, still not good, however something still. Beyond that, I didn’t hate Isabelle like I thought I would by the time this ended, I really hope she improves….Irony, it’s a great way to deal.

Anyways, let’s move onto the plot.

The plot picks ups right where City of Ashes left off, Jace and co. decided to head to the shadowhunter home of Idris, and he also decides to use Simon to distract Clary so they can leave without her. Well, knowing Clary, she will find a way to Idris, and with Luke, her mother’s (boyfriend, ex-cirle member, ex-shadowhunter yadayada) friend by her side she opens a portal….wait don’t they need a downworlder for that? That confused me as she was able to use some kind of magic to open up a portal. Even though Shadowhunters cannot use magic.

Anyways so aside from that the plot in this story really dives me…into a cement wall, breaking all my teeth in the process. Yeah I think I enjoyed the characters more than the story this time, Clare put the balance into the favor of the characters, kinda like Disney’s Frozen did and the directors ended having to use Hans Christen Anderson’s The Snow Queen for the plot. I don’t know if Clare already foresaw the future and knew how much of a success her books would be and decided to become lazy plot wise but it really shows here. The fact that Clary can create her own portals is proof enough. However I uncovered in my note of my original reading that there were limitations to that power and it sucked the life out of her doing it too.

But I digress, So Valentine, meanwhile, sends in a spy to Idris as he claims that the world is his and once he recovers the Mortal Mirror that he will be able to summon Raziel the creator of the Nephilim race. Magnus actually has a much bigger role here than in the last two books, I finally felt like he was useful to the group, not just standing there. As this plot continues I felt a sudden feeling….I actually cared about these characters for a single second. Then it vanished. I get halfway through the book and there’s something that got my attention as I was reading. I understood why Clare wrote the Infernal Devices, because Jace is in fact a Herondale, descendent of Will, I was thrown off by that.

From that point I was hoping that Valentine would lose so Jace could go on to discover that fact too. Again I digress, back to this plot, well as I hoped Clary and Jaces interventions actually costs Valentine much more than he bargained for, his own life. Jace dies for a brief moment, however before then, Clary managed to secure the rune that was needed to protect her from Raziel’s wrath, as Angels in this world do not like to be summoned. So Raziel give Clary Jace back and they keep his first death a secret.

After that, a war that only lasted twenty-eight minutes resulted in Shadowhunters and Downworlder forming a unified counsel (kinda like the UN, but not really) Clary and Jace finally tell each other they aren’t related and now they can once again be an item. Everyone is united together for a celebration for the lives that were saved and the total defeat of Valentine. Clary reunites with her mother at long last and while nothis is the same, she at least was able to do the thing she set out to do.

Before I end this somewhat long thought on the plot, a faire queen, the Seelie Queen approaches Clary and grants her a single request. Clary declines saying she has everything she wants. That will bite her in the butt later on.


There you have it my thoughts and some spoilers for the third instalment of the Mortal Instrument Hexology. I must confess looking back at these three books, I can see why people say, that the other three shouldn’t even exist. In fact I would have just said, it was ok, not good but ok. Now here comes the ugly side of this story that NEVER SEEMS TO END! But more on that next month because I may end up getting drunk to review the next three, (But I won’t).


Anyways, feel free to leave any comments, thought, if you agree that this should have remained a trilogy. Or if you like that its six books. Anyways, have a good day/night, and I look forward to posting more soon.


Bye-bye for meow!


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