Teens book-The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2)

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2)

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

By Cassandra Clare

Warning, spoilers tread carefully if you proceed to read.


Alright so the sequel to one of the most controversial books that I’ve ever read, well I assume that this is my YATTC. Once again I shall tackle another Young Adult Trope book and this time it’s not so much as hurtful as it is scarring. Today I shall talk about City of Ashes, the 2008 sequel to City of Bones.

Sector (1

So the story continues

Alright so after the events of City of Bones, this book picks up right after, Jace is in hot water after a certain even takes place and now he has to deal with the backlash of it. Clary dives deeper into the world of the shadowhunters as she starts trying to gather clues as to when our baddie has taken her mother. Then we learn from the premise that an inquisitor from the “all seeing, all knowing” (by the way that’s the Goddess of Light, Palutena’s power) Clave who believe that Jace is responsible for the attack on the New York Institute.  Which leads to the return of the Lightwood Matriarch Maryse.

What will happen next, will Jace be carried off to shadowhunter court, will Clary be able to fight to defend him from the bitchy inquisitor? Will Simon stop being a douche for once and try out yoga? Well there’s’ only one way to find out, tune into the Mortal Instrument, weeknights at 8/7 Central only on ABC.

Come on, after rereading this, I can have this.

Sector (2

Cover your ears, dear.

Alright, so what did I think of the sequel? Well, let’s start with our five teenage leads. If you have yet to read this book I suggest you leave as this next part is spoiler and I don’t wish to ruin it for anyone who might like this. Ok so, At the end of City of Bone we learn that Jace and Clary, “in fact,” brother and sister…well according to Valentine anyways. That drives a wedge between the so-called romance that was starting to bud in the first book. Now I know that they aren’t bro0ther and sister. I knew it the second he said it, and that ruined the third book for me, because Clare used it for a plot device. It was so obvious that I couldn’t see straight. It’s like that Batman vs. Superman trailer that was posted a few months ago, it gave away the whole movie for me and in the end, I didn’t even bother to go see it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy plot twisits, they make a story develop guts, balls and brains, whichever you may think is best in expressing this. However  I could not get over the fact that Valentine was only saying this, just to screw with Clary and Jace’s heads. It just ruined the original trilogy for me, I hate saying that I wanted to give Clare a chance to tell me how, but instead it’s this, “just wait, I can explain it later.” There are still things I still don’t get from Clary’s choices. For example, when Alec and Isabelle’s mother, Maryse Lightwood, returns from the Shadowhunter country of Idris with her brother Max, Clary is nothing but a bitch to Maryse. I don’t like Maryse much, but at least she was trying to help Clary, after all she knew her mother from before.

Anyways, so somewhere in the beginning of the book, we meet a new character, her name is Maya Roberts. I like her. She’s a badass. Be like Maya. Now I really enjoyed Maya as she held most of the book for me, she was pretty funny, and able to hold her own, here’s the one thing I didn’t like about her through. Clare made her a werewolf (I’ll tell you the reasoning, when we get to City of Fallen Ignorance Angels). After Maya we have of course Magnus Bane and Simon Lewis. I really don’t like Simon, he’s like a lost puppy without Clary by his side, he shouldn’t feel like he needs to settle for Clary. There are tons of girls out there, its ok dude, I may not like you, but I do respect that you want a life partner. Not much else to say on Simon, if he could get over Clary and find someone else, I’ll leave him alone.

As for Magnus….I don’t know, he still is just a stick in the mud, I can see his usefulness in the book. He just isn’t doing anything, like seriously to me, any warlock can do his job for the shadowhunters and I wouldn’t blink an eye of his absence. But there’s a reason he’s in here, it’s because Alec and Magnus (or as the diehard fans call them Malec) they will become a couple, I knew that too. However aside from that he just got in the way of my enjoyment of the story and only slowed things down.

Let’s not forget our bad guy, Valentine Morgenstern. Now as I side in City of Bones, he is just a laughing stock, and that took any believability and threw it out the window. I cannot stand Valentine at all, his whole this is to get the Mortal Instruments together and seize the world by the throat. However, according to their Shadowhunter’s Codex (my aunt bought me the deluxe edition back when it was first published) The Mortal Instruments were good for three things. Creating new shadowhunters, getting a shadowhunter to spill the beans  and the Mirror was a complete mystery. Valentines plan seemed so stupid when I first read it. But then it took me a while to realize that they can summon Razel, their holy angel or creation.

Like seriously….

Ok let’s move onto the plot.

Alright so plot wise this book was much better than City of Bones, I won’t lie, Clare had me on my tiptoes about it. But that only lasted so long, about two-hundred pages in was where everything got flat again. Now the flow of this plot had more rhythm, but lacked interest to keep the party going. It’s like that episode of Regular Show, Mordecai and Rigby can’t throw a good party on their own, so the bring in Party Pete to help out. Needless to say that ended disastrously. Almost. City of Ashes was something like that, the book needed constant help to keep floating above the sea level; now that’s a hard job. Look, I’m not saying that this book had no good qualities; I just think that Clare gave me no quality with this book. I get that there’s tension, but where’s the quality within that tension, the reality that you could feel that situation. We, the readers, don’t think about what it’s like to be in their situations because we’ll never be in Clary’s shoes.

The humor had nothing for me, as I have little sense of humor already, I won’t even touch that one. But I will say that if you really want to give you story quality, take the time to acknowledge that your own work may need so improvements, and boy does City of Ashes speak up on that part. Just remember, it’s the effort that builds the story not how fast you can make a sequel. Matt Myklusch and J.V. Kade understood that.


Well that’s the end of my review, as always please be honest, if you agree or don’t agree with me, I know if a Clare fan reads this and freaks, other will flock to attack, I understand that. I’m not attacking Clare herself, I just don’t like hoe she writes. Nothing wrong with that.


Anyways, have a good day/night and I hope to have some more readers soon Just remember, constructive criticism isn’t bad.




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