Teens book-The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Mortal Instruments #1)

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Mortal Instruments #1)
Ah yes, the next set of books I have the power to tackle, The Mortal Instruments. I would recommend that if your a fan of this Hexology (the proper terminology for a six book series) not to read this or any of the up-coming reviews in my Bold &Honest reviews, this is where I really get to express why I would, and would not recommend these particular books. Another Note, there will be honest thoughts here. I must say that there sure is a lot of controversy with these books. So with that out of the way, lets get on with the show!

Welcome to my Young Adult Trash Trope Corner, this part of my blog will be on the good and bad of young adult as a subgenre. These ones I won’t be so nice in (as I hate young adult) but regardless I hope you enjoy (or hate) this review. Lets get rolling

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What’s this about?

The story here, well anyone whose anyone know, but I’ll go over it real quick, So fifteen year old Clary Frey drags her friend Simon Lewis to a strange club only known as Pandemonium. However once she gets inside, she sees a mysterious murder at the hands of teen, right around her age. She thinks nothing of it….or at least tries before she meets “mysterious and sexy” Jace Lightwood, who believes that Clary herself, is one of his kind, the Shadowhunters. She doesn’t believe this until her mother is kidnapped and a an old foe of the Nephilim emerges from hiding.

Clary is dragged into a world she know not, and soon she must make a choice, will she fight with her new allies for these strange people, or will she fight to take back the life that she feels robbed of, well we will just have to see now won’t we?


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Oh dear, opinion time

There’s many different opinions on the infamous Mortal Instruments Hexology, so I’ll just stick to my impressions of the story and characters.

Well the characters….yeah they were flat, so very flat, and that that seems to be a common trend in almost all young adult titles these days, the same pitiful romance, same pitiful cast and same pitiful plot. Don’t get me wrong, not all the characters were flat, the only two that had any kind of depth to them were Magnus and Luke, and that’s due to their roles in the story.

Our main leads were just so inspiringly dull and bland that I’m surprised that I even finished this book at all.Clary Frey, well as many people have pointed out in the past, she’s a “Mary Sue” over powered and gets everything she wants. Jace on the other hand is just pretty face. That’s it, there’s really nothing special about him other than his heritage (but we’ll get to that later on). The other supporting characters such as the Lightwood siblings, Alec and Isabelle….I still don’t get them, their almost like a single emo person spilt up by the moon slicer (Kirby reference) and it really confuses me. Alce is the uptight older emo brother and Isabelle is the “badass” younger sister, but I don’t get either of them. Then again I’m not goth or emo.

Still at least our main least are somewhat easier to understand than the villain of the story and that’s a compliment. The antagonist has less than interesting motives and tends to play the whole “I’m a great legend, I tried to do good” card…a lot. However, I let that go simply because, well he’s kinda dorky villain, I can’t take him seriously at all. But that’s enough on character, lets dive into the plot.

Alright, so the plot…I mean its somewhat ok, not really what I’d like in a story, in fact its among my personal list of worst plots bases in my books. The whole plot is basically telling you how much you need to love Clary (that’s no spoiler, that the authors intent). That’s the vibe I got from this book, I never felt such plot that was so self-centered before. I figured that Clare was just trying to bring in readers with her “Lager than Life” writing, however its not that either, my god this book made me so mad. I’ve never felt like a plot could actually kill my brain cells faster than this one. its not like Fifty Shades of Shit Grey bad, but its really, REALLY up there in “Kill brain cells.”

I remember with I first read this, hoping for a good plot, great characters and I really was hoping it would inspire me, but no, all this book did was make me want to chuck it out the window into the pits of hell. Its so sad, but never again shall I fall into the pit that is Claretopia!


and that wrap up this review, sorry for going over the edge a bit, this book just gives me rage that I can’t put to anything in destroying this Hexology’s existence. Still just because I don’t like this, doesn’t mean that anyone has to agree with me, in fact any Clare fan will just chuck out this review and attack me because I don’t like any of Clare’s books.

However I hope you enjoyed this, if not that fine as well, so to that I hope everyone has a good day/night!



oh and as a bonus here’s the new official as of this year, anyone like the original better or the new one?



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