Kids book-The Meta Rise (Bot Wars #2)

The Meta Rise (Bot Wars #2, by J.V. Kade)
The Meta Rise (Bot Wars #2, by J.V. Kade)
Before I begin, I must take a few moments and apologize to my few readers about my absence, its been a rough year but I’m back and read y to do some good by showing as many people as I can about books that fall under the cracks. I’d like to thank anyone whose taken the time to read here, and I hope that I inspire you to check out some of these obscure titles.


Anyways on with the review.


So this book here, the Sequel to the incredible Bot Wars by J.V. Kade, is nothing short of an amazing follow up to an already wonderful story. My thoughts are not so much on the style as much as it is in the depth. I know this is a children’s book, but I felt a lot of love and heart put into this story, (that I wish had a spin-off of some kind) and really thats a lot to say already. So today, I’ll tell you the premise of the book and what I thought of the overall story. Lets go!


Sector (1

The Pressure of a sequel-

Ok, so when I picked up Bot Wars back in good ol’ 2013, I was hooked, having no idea that there was a sequel in the works at that time. As I time went along, I find out about the sequel and I’m so ready to dive back into this world and the characters. (This parts a bit spoiler-full so I try not to say much but…) The antagonist of the story shifts and a heartfelt betrayal came to light towards the end of volume I, and boy was I mad (and didn’t bother looking for a sequel, really?) so the continuation of the story starts here. Po, Trout, their dad, and LT begin their plans to bring true equality towards humans and robots (the plots conflict among other things). Now here’s where things take a drastic turn, a certain character know the secret of controlling all robots.

This is where it becomes somewhat like a race against time for Trout and his family, as they try to beat this new antagonist to the location of control. The risk is even great as most of Trouts family are robotic, meaning they can be controls and even have their memories wiped, forgetting about Trout completely. So now, its up to Trout and his friends to figure where to find the secrets of controlling all robots, or else there WILL be another Bot War, and the country would fall to ruin if that were to happen. If you want to know, there only one way to find out, join the Meta Rise, defend robot equality!

….went to far there but there we are.


Sector (2

My Thoughts-

Alright so what were my thoughts on this story? well I can tell you one thing, I didn’t fall asleep while reading so that’s good, right. Good, because I stayed up all night reading this one, seriously I couldn’t put down this story at all, I had to know what happened next. Oh boy, I did that alright, and right before a big test too, damn it! So anyways, I spent a good two days reading it, its about a hundred-and twenty pages shorter than Bot Wars but I still really enjoyed it all the same. Alright so what did I think of the characters compared to the first Volume?


If you’ll meet me in this next paragraph I’ll tell you that I really thought Kade stuck to her guns with them. Trout was a bit tougher than in the first one, and while his dad was extremely protective, he still respected and loved his boy. We meet new characters, as well reuniting with old characters from Volume I, and some of them are not as I remembered them. Each character  had a lot to gamble with as they began to start the movement, and sure I love to see my favorite characters get stronger, there sure was some tough choices. I kept thinking that at some point though Trout was going to get pulled back by his dad, Po and LT, but even at those moments, I loved how Trout wanted to remain by their side. Boy there’s also a bit of pre-teen romance as well as teen romance here (no we aren’t talking Stephanie Meyer or Cassandra Clare), it was more of the “I like, like you.” sort of thing, and it really was cute. I would tell you more but I’m afraid its time to talk plot-wise now so…


In this ye ol paragraph, I’ll give you a thought on what I thought of the story overall. Alright so the story. I felt that in the beginning it was the same mood that the first volume brought out, a somewhat calm and peaceful feeling as did the first. But I knew unlike the first volume that things were different, and the world was really going to change. In the pacing, unlike the first volume, the second kinda bored me a bit, not too bad, the characters made up for it. A lot. However I flet that the first few chapters really kept dragging on, I wanted to see where our villain was and what they were planning to do. How would they try to steal the Meta Rise, and what would they do about Trout. (They have a grudge against our boy hero, kinda like Xander to Corrin if you choose Hoshido over Nohr) After chapter ten is where I felt the story pace got up to speed, and I was ready for the ride. The plot had some bumps where I felt nothing was right, but there was always a bone thrown to me, I would get one thing, but also leave me with one more question. Towards the end of the book, I felt that as the story was ending, all the characters had something achieved, and at the end of the book, I felt happy…then I realized there was no more after this.


And there we are, this is what I thought of another somewhat obscure book in the the world library filled with young adult trash. I hope you liked this review, there’s more to come and I hope that anyone who reads this will take the time to read my review of Bot Wars, and take the time to read them….(Though I’ll be rewriting that review too)

Thanks for sticking around if you have, see you later fellow readers


Original read date- September 12

Original Finish date-September 14




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