Bot Wars Duology (Wrap-Up)

The Bot Wars Duology

By J.V. Kade


Dial Books

Publication years


Bot Wars (Bot Wars #1) by J.V. Kade
The Meta Rise (Bot Wars #2, by J.V. Kade)
The Meta Rise (Bot Wars #2, by J.V. Kade)


So to explain what this is, This is what I like to call a Wrap-up, a little ti-bit for those who want a better idea before taking a dive into the story. This is where I’ll pitch to you and encourage you to read this story, I do recommend that you read this first before any of the reviews (if available). Of course I’ll link more information about the author and links to show you where to buy these books (I prefer Amazon over B&N) So here we go.

As I’ve said in my reviews I really recommend this story to many readers, especially to those who would prefer to read about si-fi and adventure. This is very di9fferent from the typical boy hero genre, he’s just an ordinary boy with a great imagination. Sure he’s not Harry Potter, but that’s whats great about him. I’d recommend this to parent who are just looking for that one book to read to their kids at night as well as to adults who’d love to feel a flashback to their childhood.

Here’s a link to the author and some of Her work

Here’s a link to buy these books (if this story is your cup of tea)

Bot Wars

The Meta Rise

So anyways, I hope you take the time look at these and if not, then its cool, this is not meant for everyone, and I won’t force anyone to try it, take it at your own pace, so anyways, enjoy and have a good day or night (where ever you may be o reader)







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