Kids book-Bot Wars (Bot Wars #1)


Bot Wars by J.V. Kade (Bot Wars #1)
Bot Wars by J.V. Kade (Bot Wars #1)

Note: Please check out the Wrap-Up of the Bot Wars Duology before reading this review, thanks and have a good day.

Alright, so when I read this story a while back I saw some pretty amazing things come from this book. The story focuses on 12 year old Trout St. Korix and his quest to find his missing dad. This story has a lot of Heart into it, lots of crazy adventure and the loyalty and love of family. The first part I’ll give the synopsis in a bit of an exaggerated way, the second is my thoughts on the story and characters. So I hope you enjoy this.

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The Synopsis

This story is quite the interesting one, as the plot centers around a young boy named Adin St. Korix (also called Trout) and his older brother/guardian Po St. Korix as they live in the UDA (United Districts of America) Trout lost his dad two years ago when he went off to fight in the Bot War, a terrible war that started because robots across the country suddenly became self-aware and wanted equal pay to humans. So the Bot War was waged and as a result humans and Robots were separated. Humans dominate 85% of the country while robots retain a small grip of the southern-east side of the country. Peace that feels like glass is come to pass.

But that all changes when Trout starts trying to locate his dad, believing that he’s still out there, which brings some unwanted attention. Bad attention. Will Trout may lose everything just to see his dad? Its uncertain, the only way to find out is to pick up this story and read.

Well I did that again didn’t I? sorry.

Anywaysd on to my thoughts

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My thoughts

Ok so when I originally read this book back in 2013, I’ll be honest, I found this book quite fascinating, the brotherly relationship between Po and Trout reminded me of what I wanted in a brother. Sometimes annoying, and aggravating, but I love him no matter what. So the characters in this book, starting with Po and Trout, I was very much attached to them from the start. Once we got in other characters like Telly Rix and LT, I was pulled in even more, I really liked where the story’s characters were going. I think there were some characters in this first Volume that were glossed over, (that’s better explained in the sequel) but still had meaningful roles. I think the story’s characters really shine the most during the climax of the book, Trout has to save a certain character from an impending doom. However another character makes a bold move and that changes everything. The development was overall good but there should be more improvements here or there. but still, great cast.


The plot, a cast is only as good as the plot written out for them.I must say that the plot had a good sense of direction, Kade is very good in her plot devices and triggers. The story started out slow, not as fast as most middle grade books start out where the action may already be happening (Rick Riordan for example). This story played more like a simple suburbia life for our main leads. Kade must have also thought about what would cause the story to start going faster, as she doesn’t waste time show us readers of what happens when Trout starts seeking out his dad.  Does he find his dad, well the plot tells you clearly when the character LT steps in and becomes Trouts bodyguard. I really wasn’t sure what would happen, and that’s what kept me up all night, thinking about this book and where it would take me next. That is something I truly enjoy in a plot, where it will take me, and how long must I wait to get to the finish line of the book I’m reading. The plot holds this story well, at least, that’s what my thoughts are.

The only thing I could criticize is the pacing, there were just moments in the story that I felt that were just being dragged on, I didn’t want to put this book down because of that. There were just moment that I felt a character talked too long or the explanations were a little off, but these are just small things that aren’t too bad. So I say that these smaller things didn’t distract too much from the quality of the book, I only hope that Kade’s next book entry has more balance in pacing and plot.


Well that’s the end of this review, thanks for reading if you made it to the very bottom, if your interested in reading more of my reviews just follow me here on wordpress. Feel free to share and comment your criticisms on this review or on the story (criticism helps us grow).

Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a good day/night





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