Adults book-Til’ Morning

Til' Morning by Bonnie Hearn Hill & Larry Hill
Til’ Morning by Bonnie Hearn Hill & Larry Hill
Note- I was provided this ARC copy of this book by the authors, this book will be released later in 2015, the ebook is now out as well, so keep checking for release dates and book signings by the authors, thank you.

Alright, so I was not too sure what to think of this book when I first got it back in December, but would you look at this I liked this book. shocker. So since this is an arc, I cannot tell the story out here like any other review, or even hint on what will happen. The first hing you should know about this book is that its based on a true story. This story follows the events of the love affair between 1950s rock star Jonnie Ray and Columnist Dorthy Kligallen. For a person like me, this is a fresh change from all the other books I usually read. In this case this review will be only one sector, I will share my thoughts on the writing and the progress of the overall plot of this real life story.

So here we go.

(Sector 1

Whatta show!

Now like i stated before, I got this book back in December and since the authors were kind enough to give me this copy, I decided to focus on the writing. Bonnie Hearn Hill is one of those rare authors who has a much older writing style but its able to change with the times. Her plot points when telling a story are pretty on key, like pianist who plays some of the best classics out there. The product I go here is well within her key art of writing so of course I have my expectations. I was not disappointed. Shortly after I read this book, I took to Google and did my research on this topic and my I was impressed with the results. What was interesting about this book was not only did I feel the urge to learn more of about this love affair, but that still to this day some questions still remained unanswered. So my overall thoughts on the plot? well if you read he synopsis online, or from what I gathered for you here, its a very simple one to follow, the classic tale of a love story gone wrong. Badly. Granted that  I was a bit skeptical going in, I mean its not something I would normally read. However once I got the feel for it the ride was great, I found myself reading nonstop as I would ride the bus to and from school. I found myself engrossed in the story so much that I almost let our dinner burn one night, it was that great.

Though there were some parts, and I hate to say this, that were just a bit dragging for me, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this book, but there were some parts that I just felt were dragging on and on, and some parts were just not up to the pacing with the rest of the book. No book is perfect since we, as human beings, are not perfect, so when I say this I only mean to give constructive criticism, something I’m bracing myself for when it comes to my own book. Somehow I felt like the other people, such as Ava Gardener and Frank Sinatra, would just try to grab my attention when I’m trying to focus on Dorothy or Jonnie. Not all the people in the book, but sometimes it was really distracting from the story. However, I still felt was needed to be felt when the events happened.

The overall idea on this book is very strong though and I found a few faults its still something that is worth the time and really, you learn something about history and how, we have the choice to either repeat the same mistakes, or choose to do better.

End of Sector 1.

So the story, I didn’t want to give anything away since I was given his review copy, and I did enjoy what material was given to me, regardless of the topic and its themes. Historical Fictions not my forte but this one really hit the mark with me. I’d say give it a try, you might like or no but in either case, you got nothing to lose and knowledge to gain.

Happy Reading and have a great day. Roderick Vera


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