Jack Blank Wrap-Up

Jack Blank & the Imagine Nation Trilogy

by Matt Myklusch

Pulbished by Aladdin, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division

Publication 2010-2012


Alright, before we begin this Wrap-Up, allow me to say that the author of this Trilogy noticed my old review of the final book of the Trilogy, I was so happy, so I will also be giving updates on this particular author (who is in mode right now) So I hope you enjoy this special Wrap-Up


Alright, This story centers around a boy named Jack, he’s doesn’t know anything about himself, not even his last name. One day he finds that a strange robot has come for him, and its mission is to kill Jack. Why? well in this high paced-action packed story, we see super heroes, robots, ninjas super villains and much more on a hidden island that’s the center of all imagination in the world. This story brings the idea of what would happen if “imagination” had a home too, the idea that our creativity comes from somewhere.

While the first book brings a cheerful and somewhat strange, the story’s progression shows there’s much more to this that what the covers say., That’s one of the many reasons that I recommend this story to families, as well as people who are down in life and need kick-up.


Here’s some info of the author on the official website


As well as the links to each individual book in the trilogy

Jack Blank & the Imagine Nation/The Accidental Hero

The Secret War

The End of Infinity


Anyway, I hope that this Wrap-Up will encourage you to get this trilogy, I hope that everyone has a wonderful day/night and I’ll be back soon.



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