Kids books-Jack Blank and The End of Infinity (Jack Blank Volume 3)

Jack Blank & The End of Infinity (Jack Blank Volume 3)

Jack Blank and the End of Infinity

by Matt Myklusch

The final book in Matt Myklsch’s Jack Blank Trilogy is nothing short of amazing. Matts really done it now, he’s not only put an end to this story which I’m now obsessed with, but also have grown as a writer because of it. With the conclusion upon us, it’s time for me to share what was truly aspiring as I explore the final adventure with Jack, his friends and the incredible Imagine Nation. So without further a due lets start this review. Though I might spoil something if you haven’t read these books yet

(Sector 1

No, just, this is so crazy!

So I honestly had to wait a full year before I could even get my hands on this book, because of life. However now that I got this books, let me tell you it was not what I expected, at all. Jack ends up in the last place he wants to be and that alone terrified me. I remember the enraging cliff hanger at the secret war and so I get to a point where I’m wondering where Jack is and how he’s going to get out of this mess. I didn’t think on it for very long. I kept pulling at my blanket when Jacks rescuer, a man named Solomon Roka, busted into Jacks cell and found him there. Next thing, Jacks old friend Jazen Knight joins the Frey as well as Allgra, they believed in him and I got so excited seeing them again. And they escaped Jacks prison, it was on a Rustov controlled space, it turns out that Jacks has a parasite that just won’t die. They learn more as arriving back home that not everyone was worried about him. In fact no one hoped he would come back after the events of last year, and on top of that list, Jonas (there’s a shock) and pretty much everyone except Prime and Stendeval and their people. Virtua, Noteworthy, Chi, Hovarth all had betrayed Jack, their own Paranoia beat them into submission and after three books of these people I can say I won’t miss them anytime soon. So anyways, then the entire Imagine Nation is unraveled into a war zone, all the sectors were trying to kill each other in their vain attempt to prove something. Jack was at the center of this mess and I for one, wanted to kill everyone who sided against Jack. From here, Jack, Allegra, Jazen, Blue, and Stendeval were doing everything they could to prove that Jack wasn’t bad. And so far they were failing at that. After hiding away from the other inner circle members, Jack knows what going to happen, it war, and everyone was going to be affected by it. Then it happens, and Jack starts losing his friends and learning that his future was locked and could not be changed. Jack refused to accept it and worked with Smart and tried to find out the secret to the Rustov plan. And find it they do, and it’s not pretty. However, working with that, Jack finds a way, it’s a small chance but he hits the bulls-eye. I see it, Jack learns so much about what could be that I find it impossible to turn away, and when I see it, that moment when Jack outsmarts the Rustov Emperor, the Magus…I was so happy, jab achieved what he was trying to do this entire time, actually make a difference in the world and finally prove he’s not evil. Once I recover from the most epic battle ever, we learn that Jack has a father, I won’t say who, but it greatly excites me, O can’t believe Jack has a family, I didn’t see that coming for miles away. And this story…what can I say about this story other than how amazing it was I cant believe this Trilogy is over…what else can I say, what else?

End of Sector 1

(Sector 2

The end of an adventure

I am very sad. This trilogy was one that really helped me out through my writing hiatus, when my life was at its worst hours and days. Jacks adventures were stories that I could only dream of writing, I never thought I would come across this type of story, not in a million years. There was nothing I could do to avoid this story, I love all stories, even the ones I dispise because they make someone, somewhere happy. I’m happy to say I adored this trilogy with a blazing passion that can only go out to the edge of the universe. As a creator going to school to be a director, I need to read stories like these, I just have such an amazing place for these books, in my own personal collection of true stories. But I’m digressing. The cast of people in this book made some contribution to my own book, even Jonas, and worlds knows I can’t stand that guy. The world was as incredible as ever and don’t get me started on the structure of the place, the Imagine Nation seemed like a cool place to live and maybe someday I can make something as amazing as well. Myklusch made me laugh, angry and even made me feel sad inside because I knew that each page closer to the ending, it was going to be over. So really what did really think. It’s a true masterpiece, I can’t wait to read more of Myklusch, he’s an amazing author and I hope he does become a best seller!

End of Sector 2

So we come to an end of a great story, and while the author says he’s done there maybe a Jsck Blank story someday, and I look forward to that day. And since he has a new book combo next year, Seaborne, I’m most looking forward to that one as well, so with that I conclude this review. Thanks for reading and hope to see more people reading my reviews in the future.

Don’t let you weaknesses define you

Roderick Vera


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