Kids book-Jack Black and the Secret War (Jack Blank Volume 2)

The Secret War by Matt Myklusch (Jack Blank #2)
The Secret War by Matt Myklusch (Jack Blank #2)

The Secret War

Jack Blank Volume 2 By Matt Myklusch

Ok so the second installment in the the Jack Blank Trilogy, the Secret War, was one that I really didn’t love as much as the first book because it aggravated me a bit, however since I got a incredibly well written book, I feel like give it (but just this once) a small ass since it is Matt Myklusch after all. So sequels are always hard to do and don’t always make the cut in my opinion (look at Catching Fire for example) however I really wanted to continue one with this particular story, even if I thought the sequels would suck, but since this one did better than I expected its time I share with you my thoughts of the good and bad of Myklusch’s second volume.

Lets begin

(Sector 1

What makes a hero!

Well…it seemed to me that while I got to see the Imagine Nation from a much better Perspective I felt a bit cheated on account that most of the book Jack confined himself to his apartment. Then as we recall from the events of the first book, Jack now attends the school of thought and secretly tries to find a cure to the Rustav virus that’s suppose to transform mechas into Rustav. Now the other members of the inner circle find out whats going on, and each them annoy me more in this installment than the last one! Jonas is replaced by Clarkton Noteworthy….eh? so now The inner circle of people who can’t run a nation is complete. Seriously, Stendeval is a good character but the rest of them are so corrupted! Come on, you’re better than this! Now I’m really getting angry as Jack’s friends keep going on about how he should have told them, and I’m pulling my hair because I want them to connect, I adore Allegra, I think Skerren is ok and they seem to connect together quite well. Now…Jonas Smart. Matt must had gotten him from someone he really hated, I mean really hated, for Smart literally does EVERYTHING he can to discover Jacks secret and the meaning behind it. I’m at a crisscross as the story progresses, on the one hand I’m yelling at Jack “JUST SPEAK THE TRUTH!” But on the other, what the flip would they do to him, like seriously what would they do to him if his secret got out? This is the kind of paranoia that gets projected in the book, and Smart is responsible for it, for his own sake of controlling everything like before. So from that point on, Jack starts losing everyone, all his friends ditch him (oh and no offense but I wanted to kill them when I read that) my least favorite part, Jack is abandoned (like he didn’t have enough of that) he is stuck alone in the end trying to find the cure when it hits him. However nothing in the world is easy so we find Jack facing another Rustav attack, and he finds it in himself to know what it means to be a hero, it’s not making the reckless choice, but rather the better choice. Jack finds that everyone he met is in one room when his mentor, Stendeval, insists its time to tell the truth about it. The secret that Jack held from them since the end of volume I. And…it goes fine…until Jack gets kidnapped. And that’s when the book ends. I was super pissed off by that, but its becuase I was left with my heart aching for Jack to win!

End of sector 1

(Sector 2

My heartstrings!

Ok so my initial thoughts goes like this, from the start I knew I would love this book, the story really tries to speak to me, give a conversation, not hold my hand and make me feel stupid. Some middle grade books have really pissed me off in the past year but Myklusch is different, I fell in love with the writing immediately and I never felt so happy to have such a beautiful crafted book. While Volume II was a bit short on action, I liked it, what I’ve discovered is you got to have balance between action and drama. Your creations will have drama so if you make it about only action then it will bore me. Too much drama and I’ll throw your book in my closet. But Myklusch’s got it right, he had the right tone for his action scenes, but a scrap-load of drama that made me care for the characters greatly. His world building gets my ideas going, as a writer myself, I love to read about authors who are so different from the mainstream. Myklusch is that rare author who knows what he’s doing and where he’s going, even if he has to piss off fans along the way. I truly enjoyed this installment to the trilogy. Myklusch pulled my heart strings so had when got towards the end, I was so anxious about what would happen and look, it’s over and the universe didn’t explode after all. This story has set things up well for the final volume and I can’t wait to read it and share it with everyone I know! I just hope Jack get the happy ending I know he wants.

End of Sector 2

So excited for the third book that I’m going to wrap this up before losing my mind. I highly recommend everyone to read this book, it’s truly incredible and, just pick up the trilogy, all three of them they are certainly worth it! This is one of the best stories I’ve ever read since Bot Wars and Harry Potter, such genius!

On the puzzle network scale, this books about 89% not as good as the first but its stays true to its predecessor, so its still great.

Later everyone I’m off to review the final volume, The End of Infinity. Roderick  Vera


The Secret War by Matt Myklusch (Jack Blank #2)
The Secret War by Matt Myklusch (Jack Blank #2)
This was the original cover. I liked this one much better! Sorry Publishers should have stuck with it, the first books cover was perfect but this new one, eh? either ways these books are worth the time!


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